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StickDinosaur's News

Posted by StickDinosaur - November 9th, 2009

Turned 21 today.

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A Lion for my Birthday

Posted by StickDinosaur - September 18th, 2009

Compiled some work from the sketchbooks and put them on deviant art take a peak if you're interested.

http://stickdinosaur.deviantart.com/ar t/Sketchbook-Comp1-137401157

http://stickdinosaur.deviantart.com/ar t/Sketchbook-Comp2-137401346

Also, uploaded my part from the street fighter collab to youtube, it appeared as an easter egg in one of egoraptor's shorts.

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An Evil Ryu and some sketches.

Posted by StickDinosaur - June 20th, 2009

Yeah its pretty mad I know. Yeah this is just a post to say that I have a new cartoon up. It's about punching horses, backhanding old ladies and using the blur effect in after effects. Enjoy peoples!


This horse is just asking for an ass whoopin.

Also theres a higher quality video on youtube if you swing that way.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31jGYPu EDuM

Check out this mad horse!!

Posted by StickDinosaur - April 12th, 2009

Why not make a new post? Heres my entry for the mini posters art competition. I know its not an event or anything but meh... it was pretty fun to draw. Hope you like it.

Have a look at the entries so far.
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/10 45735

Comp Entry P-bot and the Portal

Posted by StickDinosaur - March 19th, 2009

Hello people, I have just posted my entry for the Australian doritos ad competition. 'Destroying your Hunger' is the epic tale of a dorito battling hunger inside a mouth. Have a look. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

If you like this ad go vote for it on www.doritos.com.au, the best way to find it is to probably just search for it 'Francis', 'Destroying your hunger with doritos', or look at this weeks entries. I think you can win prizes if you vote to (that might just be in australia I didn't read any fine print) so go nuts.

Hope you enjoy the 29 seconds of ad.

Holy Shitballs!!!!! Just found out it made it onto the front page of http://coldhardflash.com/ Thats freakin awsome!

I Need Your Vote!

Posted by StickDinosaur - February 7th, 2009

It's 4 0'Clock in the morning (In Oz-tree-lia) people and I am drunk playin Street Fighter Turbo. Hope my flash makes it to the collab but for now I give you the Ben Stiller.

4 0'Clock In the Morning

Posted by StickDinosaur - January 26th, 2009

Happy Australia Day Woot Woot!!! Drinkin rum and eatin snags what a great day...

Oz-treel-yeh Day!

Posted by StickDinosaur - January 23rd, 2009

Hey it's Blanka Everybody!!!

Hey it's Blanka Everybody!!!

Posted by StickDinosaur - January 22nd, 2009

Thinking of joining the street fighter collab got a storyboard with blanka.

Street Fighter Collab

Posted by StickDinosaur - January 22nd, 2009

Thanks to everyone for the reviews on gorilla warfare! Put up a third movie 'every kids movie ever', not really a full movie but just something to look at if you hate kids movies too. I'm gunna try to put up a new drawing each post so today's drawing is Micheal Scott from 'the office'.

Just another post...